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From a very young age, I developed a love for a variety of sports including weightlifting , football, hockey and track. I became a bodybuilder and a strongman. I loved competition and I thrived on developing mybody’s full athletic abilities and enhancing my health and performance. I have worked out in numerous gyms and I have learnt from experts along the way. I tried most everything that typical gyms had to offer; trying not to get bored.

I started T2 Training Systems in my backyard and found that I could help people of all athletic disciplines reach their goals and surpass their athletic abilities. I found that, I could also help and coach beginnersinto a fit, healthy lifestyle and began broadening my training methods and equipment choices to ensure I can take on all clients wanting a healthy lifestyle change.

Over the years I have collected a variety of equipment that is ideal to my training system. With my coaching expertise, my method and this equipment, I can help people beat their genetic makeup and surpass it. I have mastered the body transformation and I am known as The Butt Coach. I always guarantee clients results. My gym equipment is strategically placed to maximize my T2 system; my classes, bootcamps, training and coaching are all part of my T2 strategy. I am the home of the 30 minute workout, with guaranteed results.

I love helping people with my T2 Training Method. I have helped people get healthy, mom’s find their pre baby body back, I have help hard gainers put on muscles, I’ve coached AAA, OHL and recreational hockey players, UFC and MMA fighters come see me for conditioning, football players come see me to get stronger and to get into university on scholarships , golfers have better games following a T2 program, non-athletic kids, as well as kids from all sports discipline come and develop speed, agility, strength and explosiveness with me and my T2 team. Everyone from beginner to elite athlete, bodybuilders, runners, health and wellness seekers can benefit from T2 Training Systems. It is, for me, by far the most rewarding job on the planet! I continue to learn and to thrive, so that I can always bring innovativeworkouts to my clients. Come in and see me or email me, I can guarantee I have something for you.